KIM Handles Your Piercings with the Utmost Care

Whether it’s your first time receiving a piercing or you’re adding another one to the collection, you deserve to work with a specialist that’s committed to you.  At The Plug Tattoo and Piercing in Richmond, California, Kim is one of our most passionate piercing artists. Offering exotic and traditional piercings, Kim strives to bring out the best in her clients. Regardless of their choice of piercing or its placement, she provides each client with the personalized service they deserve. Paying close attention to detail, Kim ensures her clients’ piercings are inserted straight, symmetrically, and above all, safely.

With years of experience under her belt, Kim is a great source of knowledge to both our customers and crew. Emphasizing client education and safety, she is committed to aiding regular and first-time clients with all of their body art needs any way they see fit. Much like all of our crew members, Kim loves and respects the traditions of tattooing and piercing and supports every client who shares a love for the culture. Stop by, check out her portfolio and walk out of our studio with a new piece of body art that will last with you for a lifetime.

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Based in Richmond, California, we proudly serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area