Jonny Rocket Brings Your Visions to Life in Vivid Color

logoAs a crew of specialty tattoo artists, we work to give our clients a piece of unique body art they can enjoy for a lifetime. While traditional tattoos are composed of contrasting black and gray coloring, sometimes our clients envision something truly bold. Watercolor tattoos are a non-traditional type of tattoo that draws influences from abstract art using bold and bright colors and special shading techniques. Jonny Rocket, our crew’s watercolor tattoo artist, is your go-to guy for anything colorful in Richmond, California.

Unlike standard tattoos, watercolor tattoos are created using subtle shading and gentle coloring with vibrant, almost saturated hues. These special pieces of body art are created freely rather than following a hard, defined outline in black ink. As a gifted professional, Jonny helps tattoo enthusiasts explore a world of possibilities. With his keen artistic sensibilities, he recreates the look of brush strokes, dripping, running, or splattered paint, with portrait-quality imagery. Jonny is prepared to give you a truly unique piece of body art. Collaborate with him or bring your own ideas into the studio when you visit The Plug Tattoo and Piercing for a consultation.

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Based in Richmond, California,  we proudly serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.