Ask our Specialists about our Affordable Tattoo Prices

At our shop, we provide custom tattoos to our clients in a clean, professional environment at an affordable price. Although tattoo prices vary based on the style of artwork, color choice, and the length of time spent, our artists offer high-quality work for a moderate price. Our shop minimum for tattoos starts at $60. Beyond this minimum, the hourly rate is $120.

Though we offer walk-in services, we encourage customers to come in for a consultation to ensure their complete satisfaction with their prospective piece. Consultations can be scheduled at any time during business hours. If you choose not to schedule a consultation ahead of time, they are handled on a first come, first serve basis.

Piercing Prices That Don’t Leave a Hole in Your Wallet

Visit a tattoo shop in Richmond, California, offering piercing prices that won’t put a hole in your wallet. With exception to genital and surface anchor piercings, our body piercings are all priced at $25, which includes your choice of jewelry. Are you looking to bring out your inner beauty with a partner? Feel free to bring friends or family along for the experience and get five piercings done for just $100. That’s the price of jewelry and the procedure for just $20 each. This offer can be used by multiple people. View our list of piercing services to see which procedure most interests you.


Earlobe - $15 Each

Outer Cartilage (Helix) - $25

Inner Cartilage (Forward Helix, Tragus, Rook, Daith, Conch, and Snug) - $25

Industrial/Orbit- $25


Bridge - $25

Eyebrow - $25

Nostril - $25

High Nostril - $25

Septum - $25

Lip (Labret, Monroe, Philtrum) - $25

Cheek - $25 Each

Frenulum - $25

Web - $25

Tongue - $25


Surface Anchor - $40

Surface - $25

Nipple - $25 Each

Navel - $25

Female Genitals

Hood (Vertical, Horizontal) - $40

Christina -$40

Labia (Inner, Outer) - $40

Triangle / Princess Alberta - $40

Male Genitals

Prince Albert / Reverse Prince Albert - $50

Guiche - $50

Scrotum / Frenum / Lowrum - $50

Ampallang / Apadravya - $50

Miscellaneous Services

Jewelry Cleaning Processing Fee - $5

Stretches - $5 Each

Jewelry Changes - $5 Each

Genital Jewelry Changes & Stretches - $15 Each

Contact our shop for more information about our tattoo and piercing prices. Based in Richmond, California, we proudly serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.