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The Plug Tattoo ShopFor nearly a decade, our dedicated artists have provided ambitious clients with all types of general body art. Whether you are getting your first tattoo or adding another to your growing collection, our body modification shop is the locally preferred place for custom artwork in Richmond, California. The Plug Tattoo and Piercing offers custom tattoos and body piercings performed by experienced artists in a clean, professional environment. Don’t let just anyone handle your artwork or piercing. From the mild to the wild, our artists are prepared to give you a unique piece that lasts beautifully throughout the years.

Featuring Some of the Finest Body Modification Specialists

Since opening our doors, we have strived to provide our customers with nothing less than excellent service, no matter what their aspirations are. Our artists love body art culture and support all of those who share a love for this world in kind. We have devoted our lives to providing clients with the perfect pieces that exemplify their stories, thoughts, and beliefs. Let our crew members provide you with one-of-a-kind body art that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

As an establishment operated by a diverse team of body modification specialists, we feature some of the finest tattoo artists and piercers in the Bay Area. We pride ourselves on earning our clients’ complete satisfaction in all of our work. From cover ups to portrait tattoos, our highly skilled members specialize in a wide range of artistic disciplines. In addition, our shop features a large selection of unique body jewelry and plugs for both natural and exotic piercings. Whether it’s your first tattoo, piercing, or you are touching up an existing piece, rest assured you’ll feel right at home in our shop.

Contact our body art and modification shop to learn more about our services. Based in Richmond, California, we proudly serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.