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Are you looking for a unique way to express yourself? Showcase your creative side with a truly one-of-a-kind piece of body art that will last a lifetime. At The Plug Tattoo and Piercing in Richmond, California, our artists have devoted their lives to the worlds of artistic expression and body modification. Our tattoo shop emphasizes client education and safety as we fulfill their creative visions. Whether you’ve nearly got a body suit or a clean canvas, you are sure to receive exceptional service in a positive atmosphere.

Since 2008, our success has been primarily based on satisfying our clients’ needs for instant gratification. A rarity in this business, our walk-ins tattoo shop has no issue accommodating clients without an appointment. No matter if it’s a scheduled appointment or if you’re visiting on a whim, our large staff of nine ensures that you can be seen right away. Walk into our shop any day of the week and walk out sporting the custom tattoo of your dreams. Our artists extend the same commitment to high-quality, timely service to those seeking professional body piercing as well.

Offering Safe and Sterile Professional Body Piercing

At our shop, we offer our piercing services at the highest levels of expertise according to the most current industry standards. Our dedication to performing safe, sterile body piercing is no exception. We want to ensure you always receive a sterile procedure. As a result, our skilled piercer always opens fresh gloves, gauze, needles, and your selected jewelry right in front of you. Most of our body piercings, excluding genital and surface anchor piercings, are $25 with jewelry included. Whether you are purchasing your first stud, belly button ring, or going exotic, you are sure to receive a comfortable experience at an affordable price.

When you come in for a piercing, our piercing expert helps you find the perfect piece from our diverse jewelry selection. Once you’re happy with your selection, our artist swiftly pierces your body with a disposable needle, following it with your sterilized jewelry. Whether for piercings or tattoos, our team understands that the healing processes vary from person to person. In either case, we provide our clients with tried and true aftercare instructions to ensure they receive the best healing experiences possible.

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