Flaunt Your Favorite Font with Custom Lettering from Woody

As a crew of nine, our diverse artists specialize in a wide range of disciplines. Are portraits not your thing? Perhaps you want something simple for your first tattoo. Lettering tattoos turn words and names into incredible, symbolic pieces of art. They typically symbolize something or someone close to the wearer’s heart. They can serve as an indication of religious beliefs or as a testament to a strong belief in one’s self. Whether it’s a name, word, or meaningful phrase, Woody can make your lettering look incredible with a stylish font that is sure to turn heads.

Offering an expertise in custom lettering and scripts, Woody creates realistic black and gray and color tattoos for clients. Skilled in custom calligraphy, our lettering artist is prepared to give your word or phrase the perfect font to convey the exact meaning you want. He works with you to determine the size, style of letter, and exact placement to give you the best end results. Trust our script artist at The Plug Tattoo and Piercing in Richmond, California, to help you showcase your story with fluid lettering.

Contact our shop to schedule an appointment for a lettering tattoo with Woody. Based in Richmond, California, we proudly serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.